The City of Jonesboro and Craighead County provide great services to our community.  This includes everything from engineering and planning and zoning to public safety.

Pro-Business Community

The City of Jonesboro and Craighead County provide an environment that encourages and supports our growing economy. City departments provide great customer services to companies locating or expanding in Jonesboro. The City will assist companies with all aspects of development including engineering, planning and zoning, and others. Visit the City of Jonesboro website for more information.

Fire & Police Services

PCity of Jonesboro Fire and Policeublic safety is a top priority in our community and it shows with great fire and police protection.  The fire department recently received the exceptional ISO fire insurance rating of 1. Fire protection is provided by 115 full-time employees.  In addition, the community receives great service from 159 sworn police officers and 33 additional full and part-time employees. The Craighead County Sheriff's Department Patrols the rural areas around the city of Jonesboro with 35 deputees. For more information, see City of Jonesboro Police and Fire Departments or the Craighead County Sherriff's Department.

Public Transportation

The transportation infrastructure of Jonesboro provides great access to major markets. Jonesboro is on Interstate 555 and in close proximity to I-40 and I-55. The community is also located on the mainline of Burlington Northern Santa Fe and Union Pacific Railways. Commercial air service is also provided with connections in St. Louis and port facilities are a short drive away.  Local public transportation is provided by JET. Learn more about the many transportation assets.  See the JET website and the Air Choice One website.

Jonesboro JET Route Map